be girly.

Hello there, fellow girly girl!

If you’ve stumbled onto my website for the first time, and you’ve just seen that magical, sparkly pink banner at the top of the page, you might be wondering to yourself:

So what exactly is a girly girl? What does it mean to “be girly?”

Well, never fear! We are here to help your curiosity.

There’s no denying that, in today’s world, little girls are surrounded by a whirlwind of different influences, telling them who to be or how to look. Some of these influences are not positive. They encourage girls to feel like they are not good enough as they are. The media seems to be constantly encouraging our sweet children to change – from their hair to their personality, or even the way they dress.

In the midst of all this confusion, I couldn’t help but wonder… why can’t little girls just be little girls?

That’s what being “girly” is, right? It’s allowing girls to truly own themselves as individuals, to let their femininity and girl power shine for the entire world to see! The girly girl is someone who really packs a punch with her personal style, showing that she can be both fun and fashionable. She can twirl in her perfect tutu or make a statement with t-shirts that speak for her. Make no mistake; the girly girl is a strong and independent little firecracker, but she is always sweet and kind, intelligent and fun. She knows who she is, and she doesn’t need the media to tell her otherwise!

Feminine and age appropriate clothes express each girl’s individual style in a way that cannot be replicated. When a girly girl picks out a tutu she likes, she is saying – “this is who I am, and I love being this awesome person.” And trust me, no matter how old a girly girl is, she knows exactly what kind of tutu will be the most fun for her. So, go ahead mommies and daddies... give your girl the gift of self-expression and self-love by letting them be girly girls!