Fashion Designers Come In All Ages

Seeing a child get excited about exploring their world is a wonderful thing to nurture. Juju, at the age of 6, is doing just that. Her world is girly-girl because that's what makes her happy, feel creative, and develop in an inspired way. Since the age of 1, when asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" the answer was always "a fashion designer". Hanging among the fabulous ready-to-wear at Girly Things, Juju became more interested in becoming a designer. Her ability to express herself through fashion has grown into an interest in entrepreneurship, girl empowerment, and girl leadership.

In this process, development of life skills are built and strengthened, project by project. Juju gets to explore, at a very young age, how to have vision, see ideas come into fruition, and most of all for a 6 year old, have fun with it! Her abilities with communication, collaborating, and compromise are taking shape. This is all leading her to recognize “failures” as temporary moments to reevaluate, work with others, and re-do something better than before. She sees every little step as fun, exciting ways to embrace a vision, then watch it come to life. Plus, there's lots of dressing up time! Juju loves to inspire other girls to have fun this way, too.

Getting her to follow something she loves, that she would easily keep doing, has been a path building experience. A matter of noticing what really gets her present. Kids staying present takes some guidance and practice. Her excitement turns into focus, and those moments of focus become her drawings, and her designs. When she lights up, then wants to make a plan, she starts believing in herself. Her confidence comes to life. The possibilities and outcomes begin to emerge, and she gets even more excited. Taking the time to guide her through starting with a drawing, to picking out a color, imaging an embellishment, is building the entrepreneur's spirit in her. With Girly Things, her love of drawing and design becomes something new you can actually wear. Something she can share with others, enjoy with other girls. She gets to have fun, and help others, too!

Juju herself picks all of the colors and embellishments of her skirts. Like any efficient entrepreneur, she then outsources other tasks ...like sewing (don't all fashion designers?). Her styles are sparkly, colorful, lively, and playful. The whole experience also builds an awareness of how important, useful and fun skills in reading, math, and the arts are. While she's still learning, she's putting what she learns to good use. There's a productive outcome, and we all get excited about it, everyone involved. The very brand itself, Girly Things, has given her a sense of focus, possibility, and social outreach. Girls are now often aware, at a very young age, that the world needs more changing. They are aware through events like the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase that they can make a difference.

This Spring, Juju's will be presenting her line of sparkly, girly skirts...and we can't wait to see what she creates. 


Powerful Princesses

Playing princess is probably as old as human history itself, and with princess culture still very alive for girls today, a new look at girly ways is taking shape in modern culture.

The question is, can girls carry on the princess ballerina tradition, and be just as great as boys at math, soccer and entrepreneurship?

Of course, the answer is yes. Part of growing up girly still involves tutus, dresses and sparkles. Integrating the playful side of being feminine is a creative outlet for our little ones.  While being taken seriously in other modes, it may be one of the paths to a well-rounded and powerful woman. With today’s marketing and social outreach, there is no getting away from Disney princess images and products. Girls love it. Boys love it. So why not use this platform to help girls (and boys) grow up well socialized?

What can we tell kids today about princesses (and princes) in the 21st century? We can first tell them it’s not about boys being better than girls, or vice versa. It’s about self-respect, self-worth, and respecting or knowing the worth of each other. We’re talking about a 21st century royal attitude. Luckily, the newest princess stories are encouraging boys towards better balance, helpfulness, and co-operation. They are hugely popular with both boys and girls. This article, covering the ways Disney princess animation affects girl and boy behavior, tells much more about how different movies characters’ present various gender stereotypes or how some break through the stereotypes.

There are many stereotypes that can be addressed in future films, like assertive girls being labeled as bossy. The truth is, assertive girls can be playful leaders if they so choose. Tutus and all. Tutus are for playtime, of course, but playing out these roles with a little direction at an early age can transition to girls being the boss, instead of being bossy. Young leadership roles for girls, and having boys realize early a girl can be capable and manage a group, helps them both be receptive to greater future fairness in leadership. Equality doesn’t mean exactly alike, it means co-leading, or making room for the best leader to choose for a certain role, task, or project. The more often girls are validated in these roles, the more boys will appreciate a female taking the lead for a while. It’s not about out doing each other, it’s about a princess’s individual strength! We need princes who love strong princesses.

There’s a funny thing about prince and princess culture. We forget that a princess can grow up to be a queen, right?

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with Your Girly Girl


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and many girls are struggling to find something extra special for that beautiful woman in our life who gives us everything. She already has way more perfume and kitchen towels than she needs. Her favorite flowers are always nice, but the memory doesn’t last very long. It can be difficult for girls of any age to find that perfect gift for mom.

As micromanagers of everything, moms are sometimes left to plan their own Mother’s Day celebration. Moms, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 glam ideas for you to enjoy this special holiday with your girly girls – and some of them won't cost a cent.

Make something special together. Create something with her. This doesn’t have to be a big, fancy ordeal; but there are plenty of fun crafts you can create with only a few affordable materials. From a homemade recipe you can save to Pinterest, crafts or a scrapbook of your favorite moments, nothing is more treasured years down the road than this fond memory. This will never go out of style – and it allows your daughter to feel like she did something special for you, without having to spend any money that most kiddos don’t have on hand!

Make your own dinner or picnic lunch. If your daughter likes to bake, make a day of it! Work together to find your very favorite foods – don’t worry about how healthy they are or if the foods go together. If you both love brownies, sushi and root beer floats, then just make it happen! You’ll always remember the Mother’s Day you shared with your daughter making your favorite foods! You can even take your special homemade meal to the park for a picnic if you’d like.

Have an at home spa day! Everyone needs pampered once in a while (especially moms), but why not let your daughter give you a fun makeover on Mother’s Day. Take turns fixing each other’s hair, giving each other manicures, and making homemade facial masks for one another. You could finish off the day by having ice-cream sundaes or going to the park together, too!

Plant a tree together. Planting a tree together or gardening is a great idea for Mother’s Day because it symbolizes everything that will happen in the future – your daughter will grow older and so will you, but your love will keep growing, too! This is a fun tradition your daughter can pass on when she decides to have children as well.

Have a photo shoot. Most moms are so busy they don’t have time to get professional pictures taken. If you have a good camera, you can take your own pictures with your daughter! If not, schedule with a photographer (and invite Daddy or any other family members if you want!). Either way, get some well taken pictures of you and your girl to treasure, and you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great Mother’s Day and enjoy these tips for making treasured mommy-daughter memories!

Tees to Inspire


We are obsessed with the launch of our new tees (up on the website soon)!

Baby dolls, lollipops, lemonade stands and pigtails - They are trademarks of a young girls’ childhood and beautiful innocence. While these tees are stylish, fun and girly, their purpose is much bigger.

Our positive, uplifting tees reflect what we see in these girls. They love being able to tell the world what they think without saying a word. When they pick out their morning outfit, we want their faces to beam with confidence. They're making a statement. Holiday dresses are great, but for the everyday, we want to lend our girls the opportunity to be who they are. They can choose what they want to say each day, whether that be "shine on," and an energetic smile or making it known that they're marching to the beat of their own drum with our "dancing to the song in my head" tee.

The best part for us is that they are growing up with an understanding and a wardrobe that says "I AM ENOUGH" in a world that constantly tells females they must be better - in unattainable ways. At least when they open their drawers and look in the mirror, they will be reminded of the truth.

As they overflow with positivity and an understanding of their value, they will influence the generation and world around them as well…AND THIS IS EVERYTHING! But for now, as these precious girlies decide on the best fit for the day, they're learning more about themselves and becoming empowered. Today, they can proudly say "THIS IS ME!"

What’s not to obsess?

Why Every Girl Needs a Tutu!


Most people think that every girl should have certain “staple” pieces in their wardrobe – items that are essential for everyone to own. Some will advocate owning a little black dress, while others will say you should always have a good pair of denim jeans. Renowned fashion icon Anna Wintour has repeatedly advocated oversized sunglasses! Children clothing brands often push parents to buy their little girls all kinds of fashion pieces.

We believe, and fashion has proved, that there is a staple piece that is both daring to wear and still modest. It can be worn with heels, flats, or sneakers. It can come in every color imaginable. This item can be worn no matter how old you are, no matter what your style is, and whenever you wear it, you’ll feel like you can take on the world. Believe it or not, this clothing item is actually a TUTU!

That’s right! The tutu has often been associated with fragility and meekness – but we think that connotation is completely wrong. Tutus are a fashion piece that every girl should own, because they represent powerful feminism, fearless style, and an inner happiness that shines for everyone to see! Here are few reasons why every girl should have one.

The tutu was an evolutionary process in creation, but was introduced to people near the end of the 19th century, worn by ballerinas. The tutu-wearing ladies who perform ballet have gone through excruciating physical exertion to become great at their craft through years of self-discipline. Nowadays tutus are worn by girls of all ages and backgrounds, as they should be. They represent strength, self-expression, and being the person you want to be. They come in many varieties and while they can express grace and be feminine, they can be so much more. Take Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City, for example. She is a woman who rocks a tutu with style – in fact, when this well-known TV fashion icon wore a tutu, other women realized the benefits and wanted to wear them, too! Tutus make women look powerful and confident, so wearing one can really boost the self-esteem for any age – you are never too old to wear a tutu.

When you slip on a tutu, you are wearing a symbol of strength honoring athlete dancers, craftsmanship honoring handmade garments, femininity honoring women everywhere, and arguably the best feeling of all, self-confidence.

Always Like A Girl

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/always


The issue of gender equality has been on the radar for some time. The feminine hygiene brand Always launched a campaign titled “Like a Girl” which led to a Super Bowl ad that went viral. We are excited to highlight their efforts.

In the very popular advertisement, an off camera director asks women, men, and some younger boys to act out different activities “like a girl” would. The adults then act very timidly, poking fun at how a girl would do things like fight, run, or throw. A little boy in the Super Bowl add also pretends to be weak and frail. 

The entire tone of the ad chances when young girls were introduced onto the set and asked to perform similar activities. This is where the commercial really strikes a chord, as the young girls run quickly, throw with accuracy, and mime what “fighting” looks like with energy and intensity. “It means run as fast as you can,” one little girl said about what it meant to run like a girl. The young girls, not yet aware of the great divide in gender inequality, were certain that doing things like a girl meant doing them passionately and to the best of their abilities.

There is something to be said about this subject in today’s society, and about what the “Like a Girl” campaign has introduced to mainstream media. Although it seems like the subject matter wouldn’t fit in modern civilization, it does. Even though women seemingly have more opportunities for success than ever, somehow things are not equal.

Thankfully, Always isn't letting up. They have since introduced a follow up to the original “Like a Girl” video, this time simply featuring girls showcasing their different unique abilities. “I shoot like a girl,” one female hockey player announced after effectively hitting a hockey puck into the net. “I score like a girl,” another young girl announced, after throwing a basketball through a hoop. Young girls of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds are featured throughout the inspirational video. Some girls are also portrayed doing mathematical equations and chemistry, two fields that are typically considered to be dominated by males.

Clearly, Always fully plans on continuing the campaign, which apparently is focused on not only encouraging girls to participate in sports, but on boosting their confidence and self-worth.

The impact upon social media users has been very obvious, but Always has stated the videos are indeed intended for young girls. “When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?” the original advertisement asked. Truthfully, it may be impossible to answer that question. However, Always wants to change the fact that anyone evens ask it in the first place.

The “Like a Girl” campaign hasn’t brought forth a brand new issue, but it has approached a long standing issue in a brand new way. And maybe, just maybe, that’s enough to make other people do the same thing. We applaud Always for making a difference for all of our girls!

be girly.

Hello there, fellow girly girl!

If you’ve stumbled onto my website for the first time, and you’ve just seen that magical, sparkly pink banner at the top of the page, you might be wondering to yourself:

So what exactly is a girly girl? What does it mean to “be girly?”

Well, never fear! We are here to help your curiosity.

There’s no denying that, in today’s world, little girls are surrounded by a whirlwind of different influences, telling them who to be or how to look. Some of these influences are not positive. They encourage girls to feel like they are not good enough as they are. The media seems to be constantly encouraging our sweet children to change – from their hair to their personality, or even the way they dress.

In the midst of all this confusion, I couldn’t help but wonder… why can’t little girls just be little girls?

That’s what being “girly” is, right? It’s allowing girls to truly own themselves as individuals, to let their femininity and girl power shine for the entire world to see! The girly girl is someone who really packs a punch with her personal style, showing that she can be both fun and fashionable. She can twirl in her perfect tutu or make a statement with t-shirts that speak for her. Make no mistake; the girly girl is a strong and independent little firecracker, but she is always sweet and kind, intelligent and fun. She knows who she is, and she doesn’t need the media to tell her otherwise!

Feminine and age appropriate clothes express each girl’s individual style in a way that cannot be replicated. When a girly girl picks out a tutu she likes, she is saying – “this is who I am, and I love being this awesome person.” And trust me, no matter how old a girly girl is, she knows exactly what kind of tutu will be the most fun for her. So, go ahead mommies and daddies... give your girl the gift of self-expression and self-love by letting them be girly girls!

What's in a Book?

Bolstering young girl’s self esteem is one of the most important aspects of her upbringing. Parents can’t shield their daughters every moment of the day, but they can do their best to build them up in the time they spend together. This includes routines to let them know they are valuable, such as reading with them every night. Here are three books we love that help grow a little girl’s confidence while improving their reading skills and deepening your relationship.

1. Happy Hair by Mechal Renee Roe: Happy Hair promotes healthy and positive imagery by focusing on all of our different shades and types of hair that are both fun and stylish. It celebrates diversity and the individual girl by highlighting that we are all unique in our own way.
    2. Chrysanthemum Paperback by Kevin Henkes: This book is about a girl named Chrysanthemum, named after her grandmother. Chrysanthemum was proud of her name until she began getting mocked at school. The story is about her journey to finding confidence in her name again.

      3. The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls by Valorie Lee Schaefer: Good hygiene and positive body   image are always helpful in solidifying self-esteem. They are also positive life skills. The Care and Keeping of You features tips and facts about a young girl’s changing body. It emphasizes how girls should be proud of who they are during every season. We love the American Girl book collection.

      Welcome to the New Girly Things!

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