Originally, Girly Things was created in response to two ideas. First, to celebrate three beautiful sisters with clothes that is fun to wear and age appropriate. Second, to create a platform for girls to embrace their best self. 

There’s no denying that, in today’s world, our girls are surrounded by a whirlwind of different influences, telling them who to be or how to look. Our vision is to allow girls to stay true to their sweet innocence and unlock their inner leader. What better way to do this than to let them choose the messages they wear on their clothes? Young girls are constantly surrounded by images and branding that encourages them to be someone they’re not. Many girls end up choosing WHAT they are rather than being WHO they are. It's time for our girls to start making their own rules and building their own inner empires. Our goal is to empower girls to feel confident, strong, and to own their identities with no apologies.

Although we value modesty, young girls should never shy away from displaying their strength by wearing pink and sparkly styles. Being girly equates confidence, happiness, uniqueness, perseverance, and power. Girly Things creates products, events and content that supports girls entrepreneurial programs...powerfully...in pink...and sparkles. We want to take the stigma away from being girly and replace it with their messages and ambitions.

Girly Things launched the be girly.® Movement because there was a need for an organization to give girls a new voice. The messages on our tees is their message to the world that they embrace who they are. These are their truths and they speak to each of their unique identities. Through the be girly.® Movement, we help girls embody their core strengths before the world by teaching them to own their femininity and embrace their entrepreneurial power to lead and sparkle.

Most recently, our youngest designer - Juju herself - has taken over the Movement.  Re-designing our line with a spunky flair that only she can envision.  We looking forward to seeing all that she will create.

Our mission is bold, and you can join in by spreading the word and the #begirly message! Every girl should have a voice, and every girl should feel free to be herself – sparkles and all!

With Love, The Girls