5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day with Your Girly Girl


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and many girls are struggling to find something extra special for that beautiful woman in our life who gives us everything. She already has way more perfume and kitchen towels than she needs. Her favorite flowers are always nice, but the memory doesn’t last very long. It can be difficult for girls of any age to find that perfect gift for mom.

As micromanagers of everything, moms are sometimes left to plan their own Mother’s Day celebration. Moms, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 glam ideas for you to enjoy this special holiday with your girly girls – and some of them won't cost a cent.

Make something special together. Create something with her. This doesn’t have to be a big, fancy ordeal; but there are plenty of fun crafts you can create with only a few affordable materials. From a homemade recipe you can save to Pinterest, crafts or a scrapbook of your favorite moments, nothing is more treasured years down the road than this fond memory. This will never go out of style – and it allows your daughter to feel like she did something special for you, without having to spend any money that most kiddos don’t have on hand!

Make your own dinner or picnic lunch. If your daughter likes to bake, make a day of it! Work together to find your very favorite foods – don’t worry about how healthy they are or if the foods go together. If you both love brownies, sushi and root beer floats, then just make it happen! You’ll always remember the Mother’s Day you shared with your daughter making your favorite foods! You can even take your special homemade meal to the park for a picnic if you’d like.

Have an at home spa day! Everyone needs pampered once in a while (especially moms), but why not let your daughter give you a fun makeover on Mother’s Day. Take turns fixing each other’s hair, giving each other manicures, and making homemade facial masks for one another. You could finish off the day by having ice-cream sundaes or going to the park together, too!

Plant a tree together. Planting a tree together or gardening is a great idea for Mother’s Day because it symbolizes everything that will happen in the future – your daughter will grow older and so will you, but your love will keep growing, too! This is a fun tradition your daughter can pass on when she decides to have children as well.

Have a photo shoot. Most moms are so busy they don’t have time to get professional pictures taken. If you have a good camera, you can take your own pictures with your daughter! If not, schedule with a photographer (and invite Daddy or any other family members if you want!). Either way, get some well taken pictures of you and your girl to treasure, and you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great Mother’s Day and enjoy these tips for making treasured mommy-daughter memories!