Tees to Inspire


We are obsessed with the launch of our new tees (up on the website soon)!

Baby dolls, lollipops, lemonade stands and pigtails - They are trademarks of a young girls’ childhood and beautiful innocence. While these tees are stylish, fun and girly, their purpose is much bigger.

Our positive, uplifting tees reflect what we see in these girls. They love being able to tell the world what they think without saying a word. When they pick out their morning outfit, we want their faces to beam with confidence. They're making a statement. Holiday dresses are great, but for the everyday, we want to lend our girls the opportunity to be who they are. They can choose what they want to say each day, whether that be "shine on," and an energetic smile or making it known that they're marching to the beat of their own drum with our "dancing to the song in my head" tee.

The best part for us is that they are growing up with an understanding and a wardrobe that says "I AM ENOUGH" in a world that constantly tells females they must be better - in unattainable ways. At least when they open their drawers and look in the mirror, they will be reminded of the truth.

As they overflow with positivity and an understanding of their value, they will influence the generation and world around them as well…AND THIS IS EVERYTHING! But for now, as these precious girlies decide on the best fit for the day, they're learning more about themselves and becoming empowered. Today, they can proudly say "THIS IS ME!"

What’s not to obsess?