What is the be girly.® Movement?

The be girly.® Movement helps girls embody their foundational strengths before the world by teaching them to own their femininity and embrace their entrepreneurial power to lead and sparkle. This movement has a national reach for a cause that puts our girls first.

Girls’ empowerment and leadership is the most important aspect of the girly appeal. As women’s roles in modern society broaden and change, stereotypes from the past still affect how females are perceived. Girls’ leadership, or women in leadership, are roles still in development. The idea of princess or queen can take on a positive perception when combined with modern ideals of equality and co-operation. Playing dress up for girls can take on 21st century ways of role model development.

Today, many girls have much more room to dream and achieve, and there are still many who need opportunities to nurture their dreams. Girls, growing up into smart, capable, motivated young women, are transcending female stereotypes. However, there are many more changes needed. Unhealthy competition habits are still challenges for growing young women. Girls are looking to teachers, mothers, and leaders in the modern world for answers about what it means to be happy, purposeful, and whole as a person. As grown women stand firm in being taken seriously in places of leadership, entrepreneurship, and politics, we can keep recreating better circumstances for girls to grow up in.


How does Girly Things spread the Movement?

As girl leaders become more of the norm in childhood culture, there are opportunities for girl team cultures to lead the way so girls are acknowledged and heard in leadership positions. Through the sale of our unique Girly Things pieces, we create programs and partnerships that give girls ages 6-15 the platform to do this. 100% of ALL Girly Things profits of are dedicated to this outreach. Our programs include:

  • One day "be empowered." events and workshops where girls learn how to create a business in authenticity with who they want to be in the world.
  • Business fairs where parents support their girls through actually selling their products to the public.
  • Supporting other organizations with a similar mission such as Pencils of Promise.  

Because despite the evolution of women’s roles in modern society, archaic stereotypes still affect the way females are perceived. Yet the concept of a woman as a leader or entrepreneur is progressing, creating better circumstances for girls to grow up in. This is the perfect time to groom our girls to be smart, capable and motivated young women—without suppressing what makes them girly.


How can I help?

As an ambassador of ALL girls, you have an opportunity to help us create these programs and awareness simply by making a purchase or volunteering your talents to our cause. We'd love to work with you and hear from you. Help us use our playful styles to share the #begirly Movement! 

Something as fun as playing dress up is a fabulous method of role model development. By imitating women they look up to, girls can truly imagine what it’s like to be a doctor, teacher, entrepreneur, and beyond. Dressing up as a princess or queen also gives girls a positive perception of women as leaders in a modern world of equality and cooperation. With the right opportunities and nurturing, today’s girls have boundless room to dream and achieve.